AHHHHHHHHHHH   YOOOOOOOOOO. So, it’s time to take a look back at the year. This isn’t going to be one of those boring, this is how many trades i took, this is my win rate, this is my PnL for the year, type of blogs. YAWN, boring boring boring, like, who the fuck cares,right. No, i’m going to look at my personal development over the last 12 months, where i was, where i am, and where i see myself being this time next year. I’m going to address some things i feel strongly about, talk about TrickTrades and Pat Mitchell, because, like it or not, this man is the reason i’m still trading, and the reason iv’e not only survived this years market, but i’m positively thrieving in it.

Anyone who has a problem with this, or, feels the need to hate, and cast aspurtions on myself, Pat, or TrickTrades, can stop reading now, fuck off and go do something else with their time. Every word in this blog will be 100% the truth, every word, and from the heart, not a marketing thing. This is simply my thoughts, my feelings, and my vision.

I see you haven‘t fucked off yet, so i’ll assume you are actually interested in what i have to say. Good. Lets get to it.  So, i went into 2018 as a reasonably new member of TrickTrades, having joined in the october of 2017. Like many people, i was pretty stubborn, believing that i knew how to trade. So why, you ask, join TT. Well, i was looking for some guidance, for sure, and also, was in need of a chat room to be a part of, as trading is boring on your own, and lonely, too. I had been watching Pats video’s on youtube for a little while, and liked his style, and his no bullshit, simple approach to trading appealed to me. After having spend around 5 months trying to trade and understand Forex, getting stressed out with complex indicators, and silly, multi indicator stratergies, this nice, simplistic approach really appealed. So, i joined up, and have to say, i liked Pat from the off. I could tell hes was genuine, and also, that he totally respected all members in the room, no matter what level they were at. At this time, i wasnt looking for a new stratergy, or a new way to do things.I believed i was a good trader. ( I wasn’t). So, i spent October and November trying to do my own thing. Watching video lessons, getting to know members, making trades, and working on some scans. I bought my TEFS funded account in the black friday sale, and finally had some proper buying power. At this time, i was still trading mainly stocks in the $15 to $40 range and very much afraid of the higher priced, market leaders such as 

$FB $AAPL $NVDA $MSFT $AMZN $GOOGL  ect. I didn’t understand range. ATR  really meant nothing to me. I was trading for around 15 to 20 cents per trade, with a scalpers mentality, trading with fear, and no conviction. I had little understanding about risk management, and risk to reward. never really considered it, to be honest. I traded low of day breaks, and high of day breaks. I traded with alot of FOMO. Jumping in to things as they were moving, and getting pissed off when it turned, and went against me. I used no support and resistance, to write home about, and so, took trades off for losses before letting them test the proper areas. I had absolutly no idea about proper share sizing, in accordance with risk management. I didn’t calculate risk. I simply took trades because i liked the set up. ( Do you see yourself in any of that??) So, as 2017 turned into 2018, i decided it was time to start again. Time to un-learn alot,and allow Pat to re-wire me. THIS, MY FRIENDS, IS WHERE MY DAY TRADING CAREER STARTED. You see, when you have someone with 6 years experience in full time daytrading offering to teach you, and pass on their experience, knowledge, understanding and grasp of the markets, only a fool with a closed mind would pass up that oppertunity. You see, 12 months ago, i had a plan to quit my business, due to personal health restrictions, and to become a full time day trader. I had previously, already tried this twice, and failed. Completely  un-prepared, in every aspect. technically, mentally, and financially. So, i decided to do what ever it takes to make sure that 2018 would be the year that i can finally make this happen. I started by opening my mind to a new way of trading. starting with the type of stocks to trade, then the way to trade them. I really focused on my education. Learning the right way to identify support and resistance, and how to use that as a way of working out risk and reward. I came to more fully understand the part that the VWAP plays in the intraday technicals of these stocks. I was able to hone my skills to the finer parts of trading. Focusing on proper entries, and then, technical based exits, too. Its funny, but it was really Pats daily routeen that made me realise that exiting the right way, and leaving some shares on the trade, is what really makes the difference between
 those ok trades, and some really big ones. In short, most days, after the morning session, Pat and Krissy go off into town for a coffee ect, and Pat would always leave a trade or 2 on. Now, dont think he just took something and fucked off, no, of course not. he would have paid himself on say 3/4 of the position, however, he would always leave on a 1/4 shares with a stop at break even, or high of day, ect, and go off to town. Ultimatly, when he got back, more often than not, infact, around 70% of the time, these positions were up big, from a gains point of view. I was blown away by this. Like, really blown away. So begun what is now my style of trading. And one that, thanks to Pat Mitchell, is a style that will see me through any and all markets. I learned from this point on, how to not only enter properly, with risk controll, and proper share sizing, but how to properly manage the trade, and to exit in 3 to 4 pieces, always leaving that few shares on to catch the bigger move, later in the day. This diddnt happen in a few weeks, mind, no no no, it takes time, and some of us learn faster that others. And, more often, actually putting into practace the lessons we learn can be difficult. I am, however, pleased, and proud to say, that after many many months of practace and personal battles with myself, that i truly do now trade with  the freedom, relaxed style, and the Pat Mitchell approach, and it truly does indeed work. You just have to trust in it, trust in what someone teaches you, put some blind faith into something, and let it work. 

So, onto the next thing, which was the creation of SAVAGE SCANS. So, back in December, Pat asked if anyone has any decent scans that they want to share, and if decent, he would put them on screen share. I sent him a copy of my VWAP scan, on trade ideas, which i had spent around 4 months developing. TBH, i wasnt expecting him to actually put it up, given how many other traders there were in the room, and me being a new guy in town. However, he looked at the results from that day, and was more than impressed,and i wont lie,i was gob smacked when he actually put in onto screen share. I was honoured, and very flattered. People started taking trades from this scan, including Pat, and really started to make good money. Wow, how cool. Sooooo, soon after, after i had made the long version of the scan, along with a whole number rejection scan, too, Pat asked me if i would be interested in doing a project. Going into business with him, if you will. Well, of course i was. You’d have to be fucking stupid in the head not to want an oppertunity like that. I grabbed it with both hands, and worked hard, for many weeks, to produce the original SAVAGE SCANS FULL THROTTLE pack. Put together videos on using trade ideas, how to set up, how to build scans, top lists, watch lists, everything some one would need to get to grips with trade ideas, so that, if they were new to this software, finally, someone was prepared to give them a guide to really get some good use from their investment.

Now, i know some people had a problem with me selling my scans, for what ever reason, believing i should just focus on trading. Fair enough, thats your view, your oppinion. Your entitled to it. However, to me, i see things different. Very different. Business is business. I have a product that other people both want, need, and, cant produce themselves. I’ve spent over 6 months developing and testing these scans, at the time, so what, you think i should just give them away?? Or, keep them to myself?? Q- Where would we be had Thomas Eddisson had that attitude, or Madame Curie, or Tim Berners-Lee, or Alexander Graham-Bell, i’m sure you get where i’m going.  I had some scans that were by far and away the best scans going, FACT, and Pat, via TRICKTRADES  had a great following of day traders. Traders who are always, always looking for an edge in the market. These scans provide that edge. PERIOD. So, think about it, i’m here, wanting to find a way to trade full time, however, i believe, as you all should, that multiple income streams is the best way to help that, as it removes some of that pressure that trading for a living brings with it. Here, finally, was an income stream. I mean, fuck, the product is fucking sound, better than any fucker else’s scans, and were priced competitively, so, as far as i was concerned, i was 100% ok with this. We launched SAVAGE SCANS in February of 2018, and i was , and still am, to this day, extremly proud of what we achieved together, and have gone on to achieve with this product, since, and with the help of Tino, the Greek wizard, the marketing also is top notch..thanks Tino. Then, in the summer time, i started work on the top and bottom reversal scans, which became known as THE BADASS ATM REVERSAL SCAN  lol. This scan was born from my now obsession with trading extremes. Having spent months focusing on double tops, double bottoms, higher lows and lower highs, i needed a scan, and not just any old scan, but a scan born out of obsession for perfection, to find me more setups. You see, at that time i was mainly trading market leaders, watching for those setups. But, the most extreme set ups, IE, the D/T & D/B didn’t occur often enough for me, not in more extreme set ups, such as hyper extension, extremes of RSI, ect ect. So, the BADASS ATM SCAN was developed. It took me around 3 months to build and perfect and backtest, and a few months live testing as i traded some of the results, always tweeking it, and also, at the same time, developing an actual, working stratergy to go with it. The way i trade this set up is very different from the way most people do, basically, i trade this the way i was taught to trade by my mentor, Pat. Trading off technicals. Using support and resistance to great effect. For me, personally, this scan is my greatest work. Sure, i love the VWAP scans, and all the other scans we sell, but for me, the reversal scans truly are the most accurate iv’e ever produced. Because of the extremes at which they operate, the percent chance of the result working is so very high, and the risk to reward is insane, that this particular scan is ideal for new traders. It forms the basis, along with 2 others i have, that are still in production, for our afternoon trading session. It makes me so proud to see so many traders taking trades from these scans,and making money. Some people are basing their entire trading stratergy around reversals from that scan. With an average risk to reward of 6 to 1, well, why not i guess. Horses for courses. So, i would like to thank Pat from the bottom of my heart for offering me this great oppertunity to do savage scans, and i love that we have so many very happy customers, and no complaints to date. Thats awesome, and a HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL SAVAGE SCANS CUSTOMERS.

In May, i worked with Michelle (MISH) on a project called the KILLZONE. This was to be a training programme, for trading a particular type of set up and certain way of exiting trades ect. Sadly, i was unable to complete the project, due to my problems with depression, affecting my ability to both trade, and especially to deal with losses. This was a bad time for me personally, one where i really couldn’t see the future, and completly lost my way for a while. Such is life. However, although i never saw through the project, we did get the KILLZONE trading stratergy from it, which is the method of entering VWAP rejections, with clear,defined risk zones,and the KILLZONE exit strat, which is the 3 part method of exiting a trade. This has helped many many traders to relax in a trade and to be patient with positions. So, all in all, i’m happy that something good came from that month, but also sorry that things diddnt quite work out. Sometime in the future, i’d defo like to do something along those lines, working with small groups of people on trading. Thanks to Mish for all the help, and to Pat for being patient with me at the time.


Next i want to talk about consistency. 2018 is the year that i finally found some consistency. On and off to start with, in the summer, and then, finally, real consistency in the Autum and into winter. Again, this is down to the mentoring i recieve from Pat,and also, from the self belief i now have from training my mind to just trade. I went through a period where i was scared of loosing. We all do. Its par for the course. It took me a while, to say the least, to overcome this, and when i did, the results were so much different. During the months i spent trying to beat this, i also improved expodentially as a trader. so, now, i come out the other side, and bam i’m ready to go. But, what led to consistency?? Shall i tell you? ( Fuck yes K, tell us you prick) haha. Ok. So, for me, and this may be personal,but i think not, i believe this is the key. You need to size the fuck down. anyone in their 1st few months of trading, ney, 1st year really, needs to trade with small, managable size. depending on the price of stock, anything from 5 shares ($AMZN) to 20 to 30 shares ($FB, $AAPL) to 50 to 100 shares ($MU, $SQ) ect. This needs to be established via a risk per trade basis, and then look at the risk you need to allow on the trade, and look at the price of the stock. Example, your happy to risk $30 on the trade. your stop loss on the trade is 50 cents, BASED ON A TECHNICAL STOP, not emotional, such as high of day, or previous days levels ect, so, you can take 60 shares, as long as you stick to your trade plan. Knowing you’ll only loose $30 if it goes against you, you really have no reason not to take the trade. Why? Because you know your in control of your losses. Your trading small, and trading smart. So, now your not worried about the loss, you can relax in the trade, and focus on the exit, instead of focusing on the downside. With the right and proper education to help you to identify the best setups, and the right way to enter them, and this risk managment in place, in the right type of stocks, trading with, not against the trend, there is no reason why any trader cant begin to find consistency over a few months, if they just keep doing this. The problem is, as soon as people have a decent week, or month, they size up, like 100% or something stupid, and it all goes to rat shit. They shit the bed as soon as the trade goes against them, freeze like a dear in the headlights, and than do stupid ass shit, like fighting it, adding to it, hoping it will come back, and, more often than not, they fuck up their account, or worse, blow it up. All because they wanted it all now, and wouldn’t accept that this shit takes time. Sizing up takes time.Get consistant with small size, for a few months, then, add on like 15% every few weeks, so that the gradual  gain in size feels natural, as do the size of the gains, and the losses.ITS A FUCKING PROCESS FOLKS. ACCEPT IT.


Something else this last 6 months , and especially, the last few months, for me, personally, has taken me to the next level. And that is the TRICKTRADES MANTRA. YOUR ONLY ONE TRADE AWAY. Man, this is powerful. Its trully changed my mindset. I wont go to far into this, as i actually believe its a complete post on its own, however, i will say, that having this attitude, has really made the difference for me. Last week i was down $750 in the morning, due to a technical problem, and ended the day plus $16. A few months ago, i would have shut it down, prob sulked, and taken the loss. Now i have a new way to deal with this stuff, and a way of looking at it. As i say, its a seperate blog, but rest assured, this Mantra is real, when you believe in yourself, and in your abilities as  a trader. Some people say, (shithead voice) oh, you guys never have red days, blah blah blah, well, yes we do, course we do, but i’ll tell you this, not fucking too many, why??, because we manage risk properly in the morning, and never stop believing that were just 1 trade away from a green day. be it green by $16 or by $500. We have the best damm scans here to find us those day saving trades, the best preperation to be able to sit and wait for things to set up, just waiting for that 1 trade. The trade that puts right the red trades from the morning. Its a mind set, its belief, its conviction, its never admitting your beaten untill your beaten. your beaten when the bell rings. Untill then, you watch and wait. Look out for an up-coming blog on this. It will change the way you both embrace and look at loosing trades. Guarenteed.

Ok, so lets talk B.O.S.S. I was privlib.o.s.s options dvddged to be present at the birth of B.O.S.S. lol. This amazing trading strat was concieved last summer, and came as the result of an ex mod not answering a pretty simple question about options. Well, simple for someone who claimed to understand options. So, Pat did his own basic research, and within hours, hit me up and basically, OMFG dude, look at this. I looked, jizzed my pants, and the rest is history. Over the course of the summer, Pat developed, and tested out this equity accelerator stratergy. The results, ever since, have been, quite simply mind blowing. I’ve witnessed him going from 1 and 2 contracts, while sussing everything out, to litrally hundreds of contracts by late summer, and i have to say, i was intimidated by the results. I’ve never personally witnessed anyone make gains like that before, so quickly, both %%% and $$$$$. I know people doubt this, people always will, but i’ve seen it all. i’ve been there from the 1st day, i’ve seen Pats PnL, daily, when it was a novalty, i’ve seen him grow, and let me tell you, this is real. This options stratergy is the fucking dogs bollocks. I would say prob half of our members, maybe more, are using it, and doing well with it, trading very very small size, like 2 to 10 contracts.  I put off going to options for 4 months, while i was kicking depression in the cock, as i really didn’t feel ready to take it on. Now i’m good, and iv’e started to use and impliment this amazing way of trading market leading stocks, including the $SPY its self. I’m really loving it, more so that equties, to be truthful. Gains of 50% are the norm. 100% very regular, like daily. 200 to 500% again, defo once or twice a week, and 1000% isnt uncommon, especially with the $SPY options, if you take the right strikes. Believe this, or not, if your not a member, i don’t care, its true, its real, its fucking beutiful. 

For me, personally, it represents the future, the key to financial independance, to freedom, to a better life, for me and my children, and the people closest to me. Its not a dream, its not selling dreams, its fact. Its limited only by ones personal ability to mentally deal with the gains, and to be able to actually stay in trades that are up hundreds of percent. Thats the hardest part, controlling emotion. This is my next big challenge, and prob the one that will define my year. One way, or another.

To be able to put only $1000 into a trade, risking maybe 100, and potentially taking $4000 out, an hour or 2 later, even once a week, is mind blowing, when you consider the scalability of it. Think about that, properly. Only your own ability to handle the emotion and PnL swings involved with trading bigger size on this strat will define the degree of success you encounter, as long as you stick to the rules, and trade the right set ups. MIND BLOWING.

As well as lots of good things, there have also been some silly things, for me, in 2018. I’ve definatly  tried the patience of Pat at times, as he will attest, lol, and to be fair to him, he’s stuck with me, and given me room and time to get myself together when i’ve needed it, so thanks for that buddy. I did a silly thing at the start of the year with a twitter account, as i explained to the members at the weekend, hey, i’m human and we all do silly things from time to time. I’ve fully explained my reasons, and why i stopped it as soon as it got out of hand. At the time of doing this, i wasn’t a mod, just a member, and as soon as i was made a moderator, i put an end to the whole thing. I wont say any more, apart from that i have no more skeletons in my closet.

I was very proud to be made a moderator at tricktrades, and even more so now, being an instructor. It means the world to me knowing that Pat trusts me to run the afternoon trading session, and to work with the mentoring students. And to that end, i’ll say, i truly enjoy it, and love giving back something, and seeing people grow, and develop as traders.

As for 2019, quite simply, i will continue to grow, develop and mature as both a trader,and as an educator. I have no big, grand ideas, with regards financial gain, other that to work hard, and slowly develop my game. how fast that will be i dont know. I’m happy to just go where it takes me, because i know i’m in this for the long game, and not an overnight success. Kingdoms take time to build, but last the test of time.

I wish each and every one of you a happy, safe, healthy and prosperous new year, especially to all the tricktrades.com members, but to everyone else too, even those of you who would seek to disparage my name. I’m happy walking my path in life, i strongly suggest you focus on yours, and stop wasting time and precious energy trying to knock good and decent people. Yes, there are some frauds out there, especially in this business, but i’m afraid your barking up the wrong tree looking for them here. 2019 IS going to be HUGE at TRICKTRADES, like it or not, so come join the party or be left behind. Your choice.

To that end, I’ll say good bye. Thanks for taking the time to read, and hopefully, there was some educational value to the post aswell.

Adios for now, mofos.



15 thoughts on “2018. MY JOURNEY, THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY.”

  1. I am fairly new to Trick Trades. I find this review of 2018 very interesting and inspiring. It shows what a few sharp, honest people can do when their desire is to help others. Pat and the staff really show a genuine interest and concern that the members improve their trading and profit. I am looking forward to learn more and do better in 2019. Thanks to Pat and the team.

  2. My man Kelvo!! Great post my friend! Thank you for taking the time to share your 2018 journey with us! You’re a huge value to all the TrickTrades members…thank you for all the hard work you put in helping new account builders like myself to find success in the market. Happy to be on this journey with you! All the best to you and your family in 2019…it’s gonna be epic!

  3. You are very welcome K, it was my pleasure to help. I’m proud to have witnessed you overcome your demons and become the #BOSSBOY of Trick Trades hahaha I’m excited to see what 2019 will bring for you (BTW “I looked, I jizzed my pants and the rest is history”… really? REALLY? ROFL)

  4. Awesome read 10 stars! Kelvo I have been here as a member for approximately 6 weeks now and I have enjoyed every moment of it and your sense of humor is worth the price of admission alone. I’m slowly putting the pieces of the Trick Trades family / room together prior to my joining. Last night I purchased the Educational DVDs and the Scanners so I will be talking to you soon to get the right Trade Ideas package to apply your/ya’lls scans too. So a big shout out to You Kelvo, Pat, The Trick Trades members and the Trading community in general. Happy New Years and a fantastic 2019!

  5. Man I’m excited to be here!! Same type of goals would love to have more time with my family and freedom!! Looking forward to building my account with tricktrades!! Thanks for the motivation

  6. Jonathan Sweeney

    Great recap buddy, so thankful I have found Pat and you did too! I so appreciate having you contributing so much to the community’s success, thank you very, very much and let’s kick some major A$$ this year and help each other grow consistent!

  7. Hey Kelvo, like your honesty and taking us with you on your journey. Wish you all the best for 2019 and lets make dreams come true for TT and its members in 2019 🙂

  8. Thank you for taking time to write this. It’s a great story and I wish you much continued success along our similar paths. Here’s to a super successful 2019!

  9. Thanks Kelvo for the year in review. Good luck to you in reaching your goals as well as everyone else. I have only been learning for 11 months and here with TT for about 3-4. It would be so awesome if that was long enough but I know it is not. See another persons journey, the patience and the progression helps to keep my own journey in a proper perspective. I hope that 2019 will take me to another level that I can look back proudly on.

  10. I am brand new to the room this week but really appreciate all of the education and help. Although I am not a new trader, day trading is new for me (except for a half assed attempt several years ago which was too frenetic, anxiety provoking and nearly impossible to do while also working full time). I have learned so much in just one week. Although trading small, so not making much, I have been green every day except one small loss day. Great risk/reward and great psychology. I know this is the right place and Kelvo really expressed a lot of emotions that we all feel. Thanks again to you all. Thank you Pat. I really like your style and your patience with new traders and willingness to help. I know my efficiency and productivity will be much improved with your help and education this year.

  11. Great read Kelvo. I love listening to you in the afternoons. I’m glad for your success and may we all have great success in this new year. Don’t let negative people get you down. Life is great and it’s only going to get better.

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