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No Long-Term Commitment...Cancel Anytime
  • Learn from a successful day trader with over a decade of experience.
  • Learn our selective basket of stocks with proven performance that I use every single day.
  • Nightly video watch list posted in the room.
  • I’m live on screen share starting 8:45 a.m. to answer questions and guide you as soon as the market opens.
  • Live pre-market plan of attack (PMPOA) every morning at 9am sharp as we look at the watch list and see how it’s shaping up for the most high probability setups for the market open.
  • I expertly walk you through your trades via screen share as they’re happening in real time.
  • Watch and learn as I take trades while they’re happening in real time.
  • Daily market insight with play-by-play education.
  • 24/7 helpful & friendly chat room to help you succeed.
  • Your questions WILL get answered.
  • Actionable trade plans before they trigger.
  • Explanation of stock action live.
  • Trade recaps posted in our private FB group and on the website.
  • Access to extensive huge video lesson library.
  • Daily morning Situation Room newsletter briefing sent directly to your inbox.
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  • Coupon Code: FORBES20
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No Long-Term Commitment...Cancel Anytime
  • Everything Guidance offers PLUS…
  • Advanced Trading Strategies & Coaching.
  • Weekly Live classes for Mentoring students.
  • Access to huge Mentoring Video Library.
  • Full access to previous and on-going live classes.
  • I will help develop your trading skills that you can use the rest of your life in any market.
  • I review some of your toughest trades of the month.
$ 309
  • Coupon Code: FORBES10

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Here are answers to some commonly asked questions you may still have...

Yes! Every night I put out a video watchlist called the Premarket Plan Of Attack (PMPOA) that you can watch on the website. I go over exactly what I’m looking to trade the next day and give you all the levels and targets that I’m looking for. And then the following morning I dial in the watchlist according to premarket action making sure you know exactly what stocks to look at and how to trade them. It’s very streamlined and only the best of the best make the list every night.
Of course! Actually it’s almost better if you don’t have a lot of experience or have been in other services because you don’t have to be re-wired to get rid of bad habits. This is a very family oriented community that embraces new and struggling day traders. We are all here to help you succeed.
NO! We strictly day trade REAL stocks and options.  There’s a reason we play the same stocks that SMART MONEY plays. Our strategy is time-tested and proven over 10 years. It’s called smart money for a reason.
Absolutely not! We stay away from all that garbage. Trying to find shares to borrow, following social media traders with the latest “runner”, “gapper”, “flavor of the day”. It’s complete nonsense. Don’t be part of the 90%ers. Don’t be a sheep. You’ve been lied to in the past. Penny stocks will decimate your account. We trade what Smart Money trades. We make real money trading real stocks… MARKET LEADERS  that are liquid and easy to trade. And once you see how easy and profitable it is, you’ll never want to trade anything else ever again.
No this is not an alert service where I just call out random tickers and members are shouting out random tickers. The logistics of alerts simply don’t work. Every night I put out a video watchlist and every morning I dissect and fine-tune that list until there’s a concrete plan with the highest probability of success. I am on screen share every morning educating and guiding all my members with my plan of attack. My strategy is built so that you have an actionable plan before the market opens and you’ll know exactly what stocks to look at and when to enter and exit a trade.
Every morning I get on mic around 8:45ish eastern time. I talk to everyone on screenshare and get all my members mentally ready for the day. At 9:00am I go over the Pre Market Plan Of Attack which goes over in great detail all the trade plans we will be looking at when the market opens. My other moderators stay on throughout the rest of the day and educate and answer questions over the mic in real time.
Nope. You can cancel at anytime with a click of the mouse from your account dashboard.
Of course! Most of our members have started with only a few hundred to a few thousand dollars and they’ve become beasts of the market. With our options strategy you don’t even need to worry about the PDT rule. Just open a cash options account and you can trade as much as your account will let you without having to worry about being restricted with only a few trades allowed during the week.

Yup! Our chatroom is open 24/7 where you can engage with other members, discuss all kinds of things, and most importantly….get your questions answered.

Sure do! You can always ask questions in chat in real time. You can Direct Message anyone. You can also reach out to our support team at We pride ourselves as having the best support system in the business. Your questions will always get answered.

Email with any other questions.

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