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B.O.S.S. Carbon


  • My complete OPTIONS strategy explained in full detail…there is absolutely NOTHING left out.
  • Strike, Expiration, Entry & Exit prices explained in full detail…so simple, you’ll always know EXACTLY when to take profit or let it run for massive gains.
  • Complete chart setup with the ONLY indicators you’ll ever need…NEVER have useless noise and use worthless indicators on your charts again.
  • Learn how to enter your orders correctly into your broker. This is a streamlined system that cuts out all possibilities of execution errors and bad entries.
  • Learn the EXACT stocks we trade…NEVER waste time trying to find the best plays of the day or week. These are the same stocks that have made me millions.
  • Discover the PROVEN setups we use to almost guarantee daily profits…these are so predictable because they’re based off human psychology and you’ll see the move coming BEFORE it even happens….allowing you to lock in profits quickly.
  • Watch me take trades with my screen recordings of some of my successful trades live…learn how to enter and exit EXACTLY LIKE I DO when I walk you through the trade as it’s unfolding right in front of you.
  • Too much more to list here…you won’t be disappointed…I can promise you that!

This is the highly anticipated TrickTrades proprietary Options Strategy.

Most people are very intimidated when they hear the word “options” because they fear that the knowledge needed to trade these mysterious equities is way too complicated.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Pat breaks down his entire strategy so easily that ANYONE can understand and follow it.  This is the exact strategy that has allowed Pat to make more in one day than some people make in an entire year.

Pat takes you by the hand and explains everything in such precise detail that you won’t be intimidated or fearful of options any more! Discover how Pat consistently hits gains for at least 20% all the way up to 400% and more, every day!

There is nothing left out of Pat’s incredible strategy…finally cut through all the options noise that’s out there…you’ve finally found the easiest and most consistent Options strategies you’ve been looking for! 

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