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B.O.S.S. SPY Sniper

A continuation of the wildly successful B.O.S.S. , the SPY SNIPER is part 2 of Trick Trades’ proprietary options strategy focused solely on the SPY ETF.

Once again, Pat breaks down the SPY and walks you through step-by-step on the patterns and entry points to look for to initiate option trades.

Both calls and puts are covered in amazing detail. They are explained so simply that anyone can understand it, even if you’ve never traded options before.

Stop being intimidated by options and all the “mystery” behind them. Pat breaks this unique strategy down and wipes away any confusion. You’ll be crystal clear on the exact process you need and you’ll gain the complete confidence to trade SPY options.

Now is your chance to grab another ground-breaking weapon in your day trading arsenal.

  • Absolute clear direction on when to get IN & OUT…learn precise order placement based on the SPY movement
  • How to pick strike prices
  • Discover the In’s & Out’s of the SPY’s daily movements
  • Learn how to set up your charts specifically for the SPY
  • When to pull profit…the SPY moves very fast and this chapter will save you thousands
  • Learn where the best place to set a stop…it’s different than regular equities
  • Discover what “in the money” means and how to use it correctly
  • Learn unique setups that are only meant for the SPY…these aren’t in B.O.S.S. 1
  • Learn how to piece off winners and when to let a small piece ride for HUGE GAINS
  • Discover Pat’s GO-TO trades and how to make huge gains quickly
  • Learn the proper psychology to trade the SPY…which is so different than any equity…and find out why most traders fail trading it.

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