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War Room Psychology Vol. 2

This is a continuation of the enormously successful War Room series…this is the second installment of Psychology…Vol. 2. Once again Pat pulls back the curtain on the secret 1 on 1 mentoring sessions and delivers some amazing psychology based training and techniques to get his members to the top of their trading game. These are the kind of  educational classes that you’ll never see any other educator out there producing. And like volume 1, these are secret strategies that Pat doesn’t share anywhere else.

Pat’s education doesn’t come cheap, so take advantage of being in the front row of all the private 1 on 1’s that members were lucky to be a part of.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn…

  • Why talking to yourself out loud during a trade works…there’s a muscle mind connection you have to experience.
  • How to get over your own negative psychology…some awesome tips to deal with self-deprecating talk
  • How to deal with intra day bias…get set on your strategy and don’t fear switching biases during the day
  • Don’t worry about missing the trade…how to protect your profits and score a huge trade after you think it’s over
  • Why your personal life must be in sync with your trading life…how to final find the balance you’ve been looking for
  • Why yesterday’s highs and lows are important…there’s a reason why these levels are key to a successful trade and Pat is going to explain to you the psychology behind finding the most accurate levels to trade off of
  • Stop using the “what if…?” scenario…this is probably damaging you more than you think…now find out how to stop it
  • Take advantage of volatility…you can score huge gains using the psychology of volatility to your advantage…find out exactly how Pat does it
  • How to combat FOMO…there is a simple way to crush this feeling and once you learn how, you’re going to be so much more relaxed and wait for the trade to come to you…almost guaranteeing you solid gains
  • How to trade when you don’t have the time…there’s a certain way to trade when you only have an hour or two to trade…Pat explains the psychology behind being able to trade successfully with limited time.

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