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War Room Psychology Vol. 3

  • How to look at a loss as a victory and not as a defeat (it’s all about perception)
  • Why the quest for perfection will crush you (some simple rules to follow to explode your trading)
  • What to do after a big gain (how to make sure you hold on to your profits)
  • Why using small size is essential in the beginning and how it affects your mental state in a trade
  • Fixing a gambler’s mindset – watch me help a struggling trader with a true confession
  • How many stabs you should take at one trade (know when to shut it down)
  • How over-analyzing will crush your success (this is the root of most failures…now learn how to beat it!)
  • How micro-managing will destroy your trade (learn what you should really be watching and learn to cut out the noise!)
  • When it seems you just have problem after problem…what to do to crush that belief
  • When you see everybody else kicking ass making money with winning trades and you’re still struggling (it’s not what is seems…trust me)

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