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War Room Psychology Vol. 4

Another installment of the Psychology set…this release includes some highly coveted strategies and answers some very common problems that traders face on a daily basis.

In this volume, Pat focuses a big part of the video on HOW TO RAMP UP SIZE CORRECTLY

Now you can get expert advice and learn how to take a smaller account and size up correctly to protect wins and profit!

He digs deep and answers some very common questions on what it takes to lock in profit and not to go for home runs…simple, safe base hits and increase your account.

The questions are all answered with the strategies laid out so easily that it will give you complete confidence to pull profits quickly and watch your account grow exponentially.

Over 2 hours jammed packed with golden advice.

Here’s what the entire digital download includes…you’ll learn…

  • How to ramp up size correctly (this is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome successfully…now learn how to do it with confidence)
  • Catching the whole move on a trade doesn’t matter…here’s why…
  • Don’t get overconfident or cocky after a few green days (this is where most traders fail and get crushed)
  • How much $$ do you REALLY have to make? Pat breaks it down and you’ll be shocked when you see what the reality is!
  • How to know when you’re ready to go full time (it may be looking at you right in the face)
  • How to overcome analysis paralysis…(learn what you need to do to cut out all the noise and just take the trade)
  • The daily P & L doesn’t mean SH#T! Here’s why and what really matters…
  • Unique and secret techniques to stop over trading (Pat practices these on a daily basis and it’s why he’s so successful)
  • When you feel like you’re always on the wrong side of the trade…(find out what the reality really is)

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