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War Room Technicals Vol. 2

This is a continuation of the enormously successful Technicals Vol. 1 of the War Room Series. Once again Pat pulls back the curtain on the secret 1 on 1 mentoring sessions and delivers some never seen before strategies and techniques to get his members to the top of their trading game.

Over 2 hours of pure education. And like volume 1, these are secret strategies that Pat doesn’t share anywhere else.

Pat’s education doesn’t come cheap, so take advantage of being in the front row of all the private 1 on 1’s that members were lucky to be a part of.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

  • Why extremes are important…use speed and range to your advantage.
  • How to find the nearest support areas…these are hidden areas that you were probably never aware of…UNTIL NOW!
  • How to develop a daily strategy…probably the most important thing to have and yet most traders never get this right. Pat will set you straight.
  • How to find the mature lower high…not just any lower high…the mature, proper one for profits!
  • How to get conviction on HOD breaks…the proper way to “buy the breakout”…most traders get this wrong.
  • How to let the trade come to you, using levels and correct support areas.
  • How to set stops in an emotional market…learn how to protect your profits and set proper risk/reward.
  • How to trade at the open…the little nuances to give you complete confidence that nobody ever shows you…until now!
  • How to use the daily chart to find bounce areas…the correct areas that you’ve never seen before.
  • How to use vwap correctly…you’ve probably being doing it wrong up until now.
  • Where to enter a trade after you missed your entry.
  • Why you don’t need all those crazy indicators…this is one of the biggest mistakes traders make, and Pat will show you why.
  • When to piece off a winning trade…now learn how to preserve profits and build your account quickly.

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