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War Room Technicals Vol. 3

Another installment of the Technicals set…this release includes some highly coveted strategies and answers some very common problems that traders face on a daily basis.

In this volume, Pat focuses a big part of the video to TRADING THE OPEN.

A lot of traders are terrified from taking trades right out of the gate and they tend to lose a lot of money right away, sending the day into a tailspin…

Now you can get expert advice and learn how to hammer the open, make profits right away, and relax the rest of the day!

He digs deep and answers some very common questions on what it takes to become consistent and profitable within the first 15 minutes after the bell.

The questions are all answered with the strategies laid out so easily that it will crush any fears you have about taking trades right after the open.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

  • How To Play The Open – the best strategies laid out for your ultimate success right at the bell.
  • 3 Crucial Things You MUST Have To Be Successful When You Enter ANY Trade – you’ve probably never thought of these!
  • How To Buy Or Short Into Green – Learn the secret nuances to take advantage of momentum
  • How To Have Confidence In A Failed Breakout – Discover why “buy the breakout” is one of the worst strategies out there, and learn how to take advantage of the sheep to bank big profits.
  • How To Overcome The “FAT FINGER” – it happens to all of us…now learn the strategy to get past it and become profitable.
  • How To Successfully Play Remounted Levels – just because the trade went against you doesn’t mean it’s over, now learn to take advantage of retraces with confidence!
  • Wedges Don’t Always Work – it’s a common strategy but played wrong most of the time…now become fluent in identifying the signs of forming wedges and learn to time your move in your favor.
  • Why the .30 Cent Wiggle Room Matters and Why You Need To ALWAYS Use it – most traders get taken out of a trade too early taking big losses only to see the stock eventually do what they wanted it to… now discover the wiggle room strategy and see how powerful it really is.
  • Why You Should Always Use Market Orders To Enter A Trade – stop blowing huge gains by missing entries by pennies just to see the stock leave without you and do exactly what you wanted it to…finally discover the power of market orders!
  • The VWAP tag You ALWAYS TAKE…AND WHY – this set up is a no-brainer that is virtually guaranteed to make you money.
  • How To Take The Best Strike Price With Options – learn what “in the money” is and find out how to find THE best strike. price to take for maximum gains.
  • Take Advantage Of OPPOSITE Movement With Options – discover the secret strategy to get you the best entry price as a stock is moving and watch how it produces BIG gains.
  • Trading Options On Fridays – learn all the secrets and nuances about trading options on Fridays and what to look out for to protect your gains with little risk.

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