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War Room Technicals Vol. 4

This is a continuation of the enormously successful Technicals Vol. 1 of the War Room Series. Once again Pat pulls back the curtain on the secret 1 on 1 mentoring sessions and delivers some never seen before strategies and techniques to get his members to the top of their trading game.

In this release not only does Pat dive deep into some amazing strategies but he reveals some killer secrets from his options strategy.

2 hours of pure education filled with secret strategies that Pat doesn’t share anywhere else.

Pat’s education doesn’t come cheap, so take advantage of being in the front row of all the private 1 on 1’s that members were lucky to be a part of.

  • How to profit when a stock breaks a key level (learn the subtleties of confidently picking an entry)
  • How to manage your risk/reward when you widen your stop (there are certain key areas you MUST know to preserve capital)
  • How to correctly set a stop with options (this is where the 90% get crushed)
  • How to set proper risk with options (if you don’t know this, then you have no chance at being successful with options)
  • The power of options for a small account (learn how you can use them to easily build a small account with minimal risk…PDT friendly)
  • If you have to scalp, this is how you do it for maximum returns (there’s specific criteria for this strategy that traders have no idea about)
  • The reason to stay away from cult stocks (there’s a reason why the 90% are just that, now find out what stocks you should be stalking)
  • What a perfect breakout of an IPO looks like and the mistake most traders make with them (why you should learn this strategy and beat the big boys)
  • What does a REAL confirmation candle look like (stop being faked out and discover what candle you SHOULD be looking for)

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