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These scans will deliver like no other scans you’ve ever used. And once you experiment with Savage Scans you’ll wonder how you ever traded without them!

You Won't Find These Scans Anywhere Else!

I’m sure you’ve seen other scanning packages out there and I can tell you from experience that those scanners are a complete waste of your hard earned money. Period! There is nothing unique about them and most of them come with the standard Trade-Ideas package.

Unlike other scanners being sold out there…you know the kind….where you just get so many alerts at such a fast pace…you can’t even keep up with them…  

Well, we are different. The TrickTrades scanners have been built over a year of trial and error and have resulted in time-tested proven algorithms producing potential winners with high accuracy and reliability.

They are one-of-a-kind and have been tweaked to such perfection that you will literally only get a hand full of actionable alerts that you can actually take action on and trade without all the noise the other scanners create.

3.5 Hours Of Instruction

Proven and successful scans ready to go to work for you!  Also…complete tutorials and easy-to-follow instructions on how to customize and build your very own scans with Trade Ideas scanning software.

Ready To Go Right Out Of The Box

10 core scans with multiple variations of each one.  Customize your own…the variations are virtually endless and only limited by your own imagination!

All Savage Scan Bundles Come With Our World-Class
Training Streamed DVD

savage scans dvd

Savage Scans

Full Throttle

savage scans full throttle bundle
savage scans meal ticket

Meal Ticket

Multi strat window that alerts to huge plays around the market. Both Long and short plays.

savage scans meal ticket


Low float, Medium float, High float and also a bonus Squeeze City scan that alerts to massive long plays.

savage scans consecutive candles

Consecutive Candles

This quality scanner alerts you to the strongest and weakest stocks that haven’t had a pull back yet, helping you capture big moves.

savage scans slam play

Slam Play

Our proprietary setup that’s been completely back-tested. A very unique chart pattern that can lead to huge gains. When you see this particular set-up, you’ll never forget it. 

savage scans vwap strategies

Vwap Strategies

2 separate scans. First we have an After Hours top rangers scan that alerts you to the stocks that are making the biggest dollar per share moves post market. Second a multi strat window that has multiple post market strategies. VWAP Slap (Short Based)- TrickTrades very own VWAP based strategy scan. Extremely well filtered scanner that is worth its weight in gold. VWAP Bounce (Long based)- TrickTrades very own VWAP based strategy scan. Extremely well filtered and also worth its weight in gold.

savage scans whole number

Whole Number

This amazing scanner alerts you to the power of the whole dollar retrace that has the potential to produce massive upside.

savage scans premarket weapons

PreMarket Weapons

These scans grab the best possible setups before the market opens. High probability premarket setups tested over a year. 

tricktrades savage scans afterhours weapons

After Hours Weapons

Going into after hours, these scans will grab amazing setups that are setting up nicely for the following morning. 

savage scans biggest gainers

Biggest Gainers

Unlike other scans out there, these biggest gainers scans are driven by an algorithm that picks precise plays setting up with range. It’s not ALL the biggest gainers…it’s PRECISE biggest gainers with a particular setup we trade successfully.  

Biggest Losers

Just like the Biggest Losers, these scans grab falling stocks that are reaching certain levels that are setting up beautifully for trading, and based on levels that have been tested over a year. 

Savage Scans

VWAP Only Strategies

vwap only strategies

VWAP Slap – Short Biased

VWAP Bounce – Long Biased

Savage Scans

Bad-Ass ATM Reversal

bad-ass ATM reversal

You Want Proof?

Just Take A Look At Some Of Our Winning Trades Taken Directly From SAVAGE SCANS…

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