Meet Alex...

Alex never traded equities or options before he joined TrickTrades.

He lives in Spain so it’s a little different to trade at night than it is for the rest of us.

He came in with an open mind.

A father of 3, he was looking for balance and freedom in his life and he found it within the walls of TT.

My team member, Tino, recently sat down to talk with Alex. If you’re interested in learning more about how Alex learned to trade options without ever having any experience or knowing anything about what options can do for you, then watch this interview. 

Tino and Alex will discuss…

  • How intimidated he was coming into an area he had no idea about or experience with. 
  • The amazing support he got and how it helped him transform his trading. 
  • His new outlook on life and how free he feels after learning to trade options with TT. 
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