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This service continues to blow my mind everyday. Trick Trades is so much more then just a "day trading" service, it also helps you with outside life. I can't even begin to put into words how thankful I am to start becoming a profitable trader but more importantly a disciplined person. As a stay at home mom it becomes easy to be lazy on certain things and not push myself. Pat and all the admin preach discipline is the number one key to freedom, and it is so true. Once I started implementing a more disciplined daily routine my trading started to improve and so did my over all mentality. Pat is an amazing teacher that really cares about the well being of his students, genuinely wants them to succeed and isn't afraid to set you straight when you need it.


Genuine and Consistent

I’ve never subscribe to any channels before. But base on feedbacks I’ve always felt that those channels/rooms are just earn off subscriptions rather than helping people trade well.

Trick Trades is the only place where I can see consistency, and Pat genuinely wants his members to do well. There is no one else out there that I’ve witnessed could do what he does. He is the REAL DEAL!


Absolutely outstanding.

Been here a few months. Absolutely outstanding. Learning from a real professional is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Im about to update to Mentoring. As far as the other services Revolution Swing and Vision, have already payed for itself. The education goes hand in hand. His afternoon moderator/coach Kelvo is excellent at teaching as well. 10 out of 10. Look no further folks. Pat is the real deal. As far as pricing, for what you learn and is offered it is more than fair pricing and very generous.

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Best Trading Education on the Planet!

Hands down the Best Trading Education on the Planet! This is real education not the fluff and fake gurus on Twitter etc. Pat and the Admins bar none are Simply The Best!!! Pat actually wants his students to succeed and become self sufficient! Hardest profession there is and TrickTrades is the only way to go!!!

Ant C

Meet Patricia...

A single mom who now enjoys the freedom of working from home, day trading through the TrickTrades Education.



Mom of 2 great teens, I live in CO, researcher, PhD in Bio-engineering, beginner trader (less than 6 months).

Trading chat rooms are popping up everywhere online. It’s hard to choose particularly if you are very new to trading. I tried a few other chat rooms that promised to teach and help people become profitable. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong – I was following what said. I finally found Pat Mitchel’s online videos and within a few of his lessons, I joined the TrickTrades chat room as a Guidance member and then upgraded to the Mentoring membership.

Pat is great. He is a very successful and accomplished trader himself is now dedicated to making his students successful too. Every week in the chat room he gets more excited about his students trading well than about his own trades.

He explains things really well. We get actionable information about stock picks and insights into the details of trading while the trades are happening as well as pre and post-market. The support is amazingly comprehensive. We trade both long and short and in all stock ranges so there are stocks to trade each day. There is also a large video library of quality content and Pat is constantly updating and expanding the lesson library.

Another great benefit to TrickTrades is the community. Pat has chosen some excellent traders, of all experience levels, to help him with the chat room and they are just as helpful, positive, supportive and responsive as Pat. New members are made to feel welcome and supported immediately. And there are a number of members that post their own picks and unofficially help in the chat room, giving amazing advice.

If I were starting over again, TrickTrades would be my first and only stop. Your search for a quality chat-room is over!

Darrel Ralph

I have been involved with Pat Mitchell at Trick Trades for a while now. The information Pat offers is far superior to the other Educational Trade Offerings that I have encountered.

If you follow the information that Pat and his people offer, you will be able to trade properly in a short time. They even get you ready for the psychological aspects of trading. I didn’t realize how important this information was for sustaining a lifetime career as a trader.

Pat not only explains all aspects of trading, he will go the extra mile to make sure you understand. After joining Chat for a while and seeing the information offered everyday, I joined the mentoring group and now fast tracking my capabilities.

Trick Trades is the real deal. I tried the one month chat package with Pat's live trading sessions every morning. That's all the convincing I needed. Five stars….. enough said.

Brandon Walsh

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about Pat at TrickTrades is REAL. I have been through mentors, Programs, Gurus, you name it I tried it, and wasted valuable time and effort on it. I started in the penny stock world buying in to the hype and grander of large P/L profits posted by "professional" traders that try to sell you the exotic life style and it bit me, hard.

I found Pat after about 2 years of trading on and off, My style of trading changed 180, I started trading stocks that were controlled movers, Large cap, Real companies. Not penny stock garbage, I started using small size to make big point gains! I no longer worried about a pump and dump penny stocks tanking my 10k position a few cents,

I learned real chart analysis, not from some DVD thrown at me with a few thousand dollar price tag, I got to interact with Pat DAILY, I wasn't a number in a chat room following trades here, I was learning on the fly, and learning fast.

My attitude changed 10 fold after being in the TrickTrades environment. My confidence was growing as I was taught how to find my own trades and make my own profits following the FREE videos included with the chart room subscription. He breaks down your picks pre-market and trades with a PLAN off very well designed scanners, I really couldn't ask for more. I honestly wish I found Pat sooner. This no bull mentor is the realist person I have dealt with. You cannot find this value of commitment for the price anywhere else, and trust me I have looked.

Lukasz Sasnowski

I've been part of Trick trades as a new trader since almost the beginning, I can say in all honesty, Trick is hands down the best trading mentor around, he actually teaches you how to trade proper stocks, the what, how and why, no other trading mentor will give you this kind of attention during screen share and in DM'S.

Trick is not the kinda guy that sees you as another dollar sign, he cares about his members and your success, because that reflects on his credibility and integrity. But don't take my words for it, come check out the room, give a few days, even the first, you'll see that for yourself.

If that doesn't convince you, check out all his free trading education on youtube at TrickTrades, hear his passion and honesty for teaching. If it's an affordability issue, reach out anyways, he will hear you out as Trick is and has been generous to struggling traders. 

Trick wants new and old traders that are struggling that want to turn their trading around. Give Trick your time and respect the progress and in time it will lead to longevity and success in the market.

Watch The Interviews...

Join my team member Tino as he interviewed some of our members about their experience with TrickTrades. Here’s what they had to say…

Jenn is a business owner and was looking to get into day trading. She started trading like a lot of us had done…She joined a couple penny stock rooms and found it to be a complete nightmare. After joining TT, she's here to stay...

Ex-MLB player Devin was trying to find a legit service and struck out until he finally found consistency with TrickTrades. He's so grateful for the amazing support and the professional coaching every day. Listen to him tell his story...

Lili works full-time and raises her kids too. Listen to her explain how she balances her life and why she believes Pat is the end-all be-all for day trading coaching.

Alex is a father of 3 who lives in Spain. He never traded before and was blown away by the support from the community and the coaching from Pat and Kelvo...

Listen to Andy explain the complete transformation of his patience and mindset since joining. He pulls an income out of the market with ease and sleeps good at night knowing money isn't an issue...

Bob thought trading options was super hard and would never figure them out. After joining, he trades with complete confidence as he enters retirement with a new lease on life. Listen to his story...

Colton is a blue-collar guy who had zero experience trading when he found his way into TrickTrades.Since then, he has completely transformed his life personally and financially. Listen to his cool story...

Eric was having a really hard time controlling his emotions and was finding no success in other services. That all changed when he got here. Listen to the simple way he trades with little emotion...

Faz is one of our long-term members that trades out of Singapore. He's super consistent and happy. Listen to how he did it and what he considers the most helpful and powerful parts of the TT strategy...

Jake has grown his account by over 200% since joining and he knows he’ll never have to worry about finances again. Listen to how the strategy has completely transformed his life...

Minh is now a full-time day trader that came back to us after taking a hiatus. He tried to do the crypto thing but decided it was best to give TrickTrades another go. Now Minh is a full-time trader with complete confidence in his path to freedom.

Listen to how Jordyn was lucky enough to get started early on in life and is forging her own path towards freedom by day trading options. The education has transcended to all aspects of her life. Listen to her story...

Terry is a blue-collar guy that always wanted to learn to trade and finally found his way in to TrickTrades. After joining he became amazed how accurate the strategy is and how often the levels hit. Listen to his story of his trsnformation.

Tay is a mom that has been able to take the stress away in her life through day trading options with TrickTrades. She is so grateful she found a strategy that works and allows her to provide for her family the way she always wanted to. Listen to her story...

Greg has been trading for a while but recently made his way to TrickTrades and has found his home. He was blown away by how simple the strategy is and how quickly he's in and out of a trade. 30 minutes and he’s all done for the day. Listen to how well he's doing since joining...

Stefan is an engineer who had zero experience with ths stock market. He did his research and decided, out of every service out there, to join TrickTrades. He explains why he believes Pat is the best mentor and can give you the consistency your looking for...

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