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B.O.S.S Assassin

b.o.s.s options dvd

This is the life-changing, highly anticipated TrickTrades proprietary Options Strategy. 

Most people are very intimidated when they hear the word “options” because they fear that the knowledge needed to trade these mysterious equities is way too complicated. 

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Pat breaks down his entire strategy so easily that ANYONE can understand and follow it.  This is the exact strategy that has allowed Pat to make more in one day than some people make in an entire year. And you can learn to do it consistently every day, just like Pat does.

Pat takes you by the hand and explains everything in such precise detail that you won’t be intimidated or fearful of options any more! Discover how Pat consistently hits gains for at least 20% all the way up to 400% and more, every day!

There is nothing left out of Pat’s incredible strategy…finally cut through all the options noise that’s out there…you’ve finally found the easiest and most consistent Options strategies you’ve been looking for! 

  • Extensive and all-inclusive TrickTrades proprietary options strategy
  • Basic options understanding
  • Exclusive options setups and strategies
  • Learn precise order placement
  • Discover the warnings you need to be aware of that have saved Pat thousand of dollars
  • Detailed trade re-cap
  • Learn easy option entries
  • Learn how to safely exit options and preserve the most capital
  • Learn how to decipher the options pricing guide
  • Become a pro at calls AND puts
  • Discover both long AND short strategies
  • Detailed walk-through on how to set up charts in the most advantageous way
  • Learn how to place orders though multiple brokers

Monster IPO

monster IPO video

Beat the Big Boys and level the playing field when you learn how to take advantage of these highly secretive but effective IPO strategies

Don’t you hate it when you see these IPO’s launch and see them run like crazy? Don’t you get jealous of these “insiders” that got in and made huge money in a few hours? Don’t you wish you could be part of that excitement?

Well guess what? Now it’s your time! It’s time to level the playing field and go head to head with the Big Boys…and you can actually beat ’em at their own game.

And you can actually beat them and make big money…just by being patient…

I’m about to give you the keys to the castle.

Now you have the opportunity to discover these highly effective IPO strategies that nobody else is going to teach you…

  • TrickTrades exclusive IPO strategy (when you see're going to have that "ah ha" moment!)
  • Hit home runs with high odds of success (just with one simple indicator)
  • Catch explosive day and/or swing trades (by watching it cross this key area)
  • Advanced charting theory(when you think it's made it's's only the beginning)
  • Advanced market theory (when you should re-visit the stock)
  • The down and dirty of researching IPO's
  • Why you shouldn't jump in the first day (and when you should jump in)
  • All these strategies are so simple to follow
  • And so much more!

Line In The Sand

This is a culmination of years of my most successful and consistent trading strategies. This is my baby and I’m finally making it available to the public to share and turn you all in to profitable and consistent day traders.

I have taken years and years to hone my skills as a day trader. Now I want to give you insight in to the thought process it takes to be lucrative and fortunate in the stock market. After years of trial and error I have perfected my craft and have successfully proved over and over again how the mindset of the masses think.

This has led me to identify the elusive “unicorn” of stock charts…

The mysterious “Line in the Sand”.


I use this discovery to my advantage by being able to successfully plan trading strategies around key levels on stock charts.

Once the masses of traders cross that magical “line in the sand” on the charts…it’s pretty much guaranteed a home run. I have used this information to bank huge and formulate strategies that have been proven and consistent, not over weeks and months, but years.

Now you can learn how to identify the “Line in the Sand” and start crushing the market…

Learn the basis and foundation of all TrickTrades trading strategies


  • Advanced charting psychology (discover where stocks become almost too predictable at certain key levels
  • Advanced market psychology (watch as I show you why I enter or exit when I do)
  • How to be predictive with high odds of success (see why stocks run or fall when they do...and it's not what you think)
  • How to see the direction of a stock before it moves (this is so predictable it's almost too easy...and you won't believe why you never saw it for yourself)
  • Catch monster moves on all stocks...not pennies...POINTS...all based on the psychology of the masses (it's when you think the trade is over is when it really starts...learn how to find it for yourself)
  • These strategies work on small, mid, and large caps
  • Gain confidence in all aspects of trading (when I show you the secret of how the masses think it will make you trade in a whole different way)
  • And so many other sly, hidden secrets you won't find anywhere but right here!

BackTesting Blitz

back-testing blitz

World’s first and only complete backtesting program filled with tested and perfected secrets and strategies to take your day trading career to a whole new level!

Consider yourself extremely lucky to have come across this goldmine of information that has never been released anywhere else but right here at TrickTrades.

Backtesting Blitz has been meticulously curated over months and months of research and development which has culminated into a perfect system to backtest stocks, charts, patterns, habits, and strategies.

These have been cherry picked and only the best of the best were left to be included in this video series.

This is what you'll learn and master...

  • How to find A+ setups
  • How to minimalize emotional risk
  • Learn how to back test strategies
  • How to create and use excel spreadsheets to back test strategies
  • How to filter out irrelevant strategies
  • How to create your own strategies

DVD 1 - Intro To Back-Testing

  • Thought process about back testing (the pattern I want to back test.)
  • The 3 most important things to know about back testing
  • The importance of having a Higher Time Frame (to see the bigger picture when trading)
  • The importance of using a stock scanner(to look for set ups and to keep consistency)
  • How to minimize emotional mistakes
  • Reason why I use Excel

DVD 2 - Core Back-Testing

  • How to input data into excel
  • How to find A+ set ups
  • Proper way to back test technical indicators (find out if there’s an edge)
  • How to filter out the ideas irrelevant to the strategy
  • Guidance on how to manually backtest tick by tick

DVD 3 - Strategy Development

  • How to know if the strategy is profitable
  • How to create rules around the strategy Entries, Stops, Targets
  • Proper Risk to Reward ratios
  • How to create shortcuts when backtesting

DVD 4 - Proper Trading

  • The proper way to paper trade
  • Emphasis on performance vs profit
  • The proper way to know when to trade live
  • Ideas on how to keep growing as a trader

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