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"The Ivy League Of Trading Education!"

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"We breed the most successful day traders on the planet"

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Don’t be stuck ALL DAY LONG trading in front of your computer all stressed out. Copy my simple strategy in this Masterclass and you could potentially replace your current income in the first few hours of the market…leaving the rest of the day to do whatever you want!
You’re probably going to be infuriated when you see how bad you’ve been lied to in the past and how much money you wasted chasing out-dated information and education. Once you let go and follow this simple strategy, your trading and profits will turn around instantly!
Learn how to SET PROPER RISK SO YOU DON’T GET TAKEN OUT TOO EARLY BEFORE THE MOVE HAPPENS. This is the ONE thing that every trader neglects to do and they end up either getting out too early…missing huge runs…or they bag hold…holding on too long for HUGE losses. You’re going to learn this powerful risk strategy that will keep you in the trade JUST LONG ENOUGHT to capture that HUGE move you’re always waiting for
You’ve been totally lied to in the past about what stocks you need to play to make a full-time income. Our proven basket of stocks follow the SMART money and become so predictable with our strategy, you can make the stock market your very own ATM machine…pulling money out when you want.
I’ve made a career off PURE SIMPLICITY…I’m talking CAVEMAN SIMPLE…You’re going to WISH you could have all that time back doing nonsensical research that you don’t need trying to capture HUGE moves. STOP wasting your time with noise and nonsense. Our clients save tons of time by using SMART MONEY tactics and ride the wave of proven support & resistance…almost guaranteeing easy daily profits. You’ll learn this exact process in this master class.

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The Ivy League Of Day Trading Education.


The best day trading education on the planet. In-depth trade recaps, critical video lesson library, daily strategy breakdowns, and live lessons every day

Video watch list is recorded every night for the next day and accessible via the members area. These are high probability set-ups that are cherry-picked by Pat himself.

Unlike other chat rooms, you have complete freedom to ask Pat and the entire community questions..and unlike other chat rooms...they WILL get answered.

Video watch list is covered again in the Daily Plan Of Attack live on screen share by Pat every morning at 9 a.m. eastern time sharp.

Pat is live on mic with screen share before the market opens, teaches with live trades and interacts with EVERYBODY all morning. Education continues all afternoon.

Live chat is 24/7. We are a very engaging community that communicates with each other all day and night, even on weekends. We never shut down like other chat rooms do.

I can NOT help you get rich quick.

If you think you’re going to come into our room and get rich off a couple trades…that’s not going to happen and it’s not what I teach. Day trading is not a get-rich-quick pusuit. We are dedicated to CONSISTENCY and PROFITABILITY.

If you think social media traders and penny stock traders are REALLY making 10’s of thousands of dollars a day, I got news for ya… Ain’t happening. I know it’s nice to dream but the real trading world doesn’t work like that. Most day traders make very little or no money day trading. It takes hard work and dedication to become a REAL consistent day trader over time. And that’s what I teach.

So if you’re not prepared to commit more effort than you’re expecting, TrickTrades isn’t for you.

If you're looking for the easy way, I do NOT want to help you.

When I hear people say…”Do you have a free trial?”, “Do you send out alerts”, “Can you trade my money”, all it’s saying to me is “I don’t have any drive or determination to work hard and enjoy the riches that I deserve.”

Listen, day trading is hard but it can give you all the things you imagine…more time, more money, more vacations, more stuff. But it takes hard work and the ability to listen and follow directions. The later is the easy part, the hard part is sticking it out through all the peaks and valleys knowing at the end it’s a skill you can have for the rest of your life and you can potentially have everything you’ve always dreamed of.

I can NOT help you if you're not willing to put in the time.

Many traders in the past think they can absorb everything in a few weeks and say “Ok, I got this.” and then leave because they think they know everything there is to know. Guess what?

Those are the same ones they keep coming back with their tail between their legs knowing they messed up badly. They thought they could grab information here, then go over there to that chat room, then read that book over there, then watch that video on that other channel, and then they know everything.

This is an ongoing process that takes time and commitment. You have to bleed for this. It’s probably the hardest thing you’ll ever do in life. My strategies are based on simplicity…I’m talking caveman simple…and it blows my mind when I see people think there’s “something more”. They never fully commit…to anything in life. So if you’re not willing to put in the time and commit to learn a simple strategy that has the potential to change your life…I don’t want to work with you.

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