Cancellation Policy

In order to protect our intellectual property and our proprietary strategies…TrickTrades DOES NOT offer refunds. 

Please keep in mind when you initially sign up you will be automatically charged for the amount of the membership tier you signed up for EVERY 30 DAYS from the time you signed up at.  You will be billed on the credit card you used to sign up with UNTIL YOU CANCEL. 

You can cancel anytime.

If you want to cancel before you get automatically charged every month, please cancel BEFORE YOUR 30 DAYS IS UP FOR YOUR 30 DAY PERIOD…

You won’t be recharged and your account will be closed.

You can resign up anytime by simply ordering the service and going through the normal checkout.  

If you need to cancel your membership for any reason you can do it easily at any time. 

Just go to the main menu and click on LOGIN…

Then just click on MY SUBSCRIPTION and click on the CANCEL button as shown in the image below…

If you have any issues PLEASE DO NOT SEND IN A DISPUTE..

Simply reach out to our support team at the following email address.

It’s that simple

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