The Most Real-Life, Hands-On Trading Simulation You Will EVER Experience!

TrickTrades is always at the forefront of cutting edge training and education.

We are revolutionizing the way day traders advance their skill and knowledge in the markets.

Now you have the ultimate training at your disposal…

Never seen anywhere on the planet except right here…we are proud to offer…

SHOTGUNthe experience

What is it? 

It’s the most practical and powerful way to get hands-on experience trading without the risk of losing one single penny.

Now you can basically ride shotgun with us

Sit virtually side-by-side us and watch a stock move in REAL TIME as we dissect what we are seeing. We guide you through the proper TrickTrades strategy as the stock unfolds in front of us. You’ll soon discover things you’ve probably never even noticed before and discover nuances and near perfect entries, exits, and techniques to execute consistent, life-changing trades…

In Real Time As It’s Happening Right In Front Of You!

Ride Shotgun in the TrickTrades Simulator…pick a stock…watch it move in real time…ask questions… and listen how we guide you through the process as the stock unravels itself right in front of us.

Get inside our head and absorb the TrickTrades entire thought process as we hold you by the hand…

learn side-by-side, step-by-step, and devour nothing but golden education.

Trust us, you’re going to see things that you never noticed before…

and you may even realize some of these things may have been staring at you in the face the whole time…until now!

Expand your skill and education… 



It doesn’t get any more real than this…

the most real-life simulation you will ever experience…

without losing one penny!

How does this work?

Simple…You get to pick who you’d like to learn from and pick a time that’s available. The rate is posted for each mentor.  

Simply scroll down below and click on who’d you like to learn from….

You’ll be then taken to a checkout page where you pay for your session.

Then simply forward your receipt email to the respected mentor and pick the best time that works for the both of you.

The email is listed right under the mentor’s name

Then show up for your virtual meeting at your scheduled time.

Get educated.

It’s that easy!

You Can’t Get Any More Real Than SHOTGUN…Period!

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$300/ 3 hours

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