Introducing the next course from the wildly popular
Crystal Ball Educational Series by Trick Trades

Imagine the gains in your trading if you could learn how to dissect price action and see moves before they happen.

New to Crystal Ball?
Ask yourself, why do you seem to always be on the wrong side of the trade?

If she's up, you're short. If she's down, you're long.

The problem is, you don't see what's coming.
And when you can't see what's coming, trading becomes more of a gamble, than a profession.

It starts with a brief moment of hope, followed by regret and struggle.

What should have been an easy green trade becomes an emotional rollercoaster. Doubt, second guessing and unnecessary losses ruin a potentially profitable day.

What do you do next? Hunt around for a way to get back green? Shut down the broker and go kill time on social media?

It's an awful feeling that just seems to repeat itself day after day. What's even worse, you're doing your best. You're consuming tons of educational content. You're tracking each and every trade. You're getting really good trade ideas. You're in this for the long haul. 

But why is it still the same trading "groundhog day" every time you open that position?

The Crystal Ball Educational Series helps day traders understand and predict market actions without relying on algorithms or AI. You will learn to dissect market actions through live examples which demonstrate how to forecast market movements accurately.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Learn from nearly 3 hours of pure live trading where what's going to happen next is literally drawn out on screen. When these live-recorded trades unfold in real-time, the game-changing lessons come to life.

From analysis of natural movement and trade management, to how to plan for proper reset trades and how to commit to your trade, you'll get the lessons you need to trade with your own Crystal Ball

How you see your future from there, depends on how well you listen, the amount of work you put into your craft, and truthfully put these cutting edge lessons faithfully into action.

Predict Future Price Movements

The lessons being passed on to you are the result of years of studying charts, trial and error, and continuous self-improvement. This ability to "see the future" is the result of a master trader's relentless pursuit of excellence in both trading, and life. You can do this to if you put in the work.

Shift Into Rational Decisions

Learn about the need for self-awareness and honesty to improve trading behaviors for better results. It's critical to understand the importance of controlling emotions during trading, focusing on committing fully to trades, and making rational decisions rather than emotional exits.

How to Properly Get Back Green

By interpreting market movements, and identifying key levels of support and resistance, you will learn where, when and how to properly execute a trade after a loss.

Grow Through The Pain

With a new understanding of price action, the ability to "see the future" combines the confidence and skill necessary to hold through the most difficult parts of the trade- those moments just before the real payoff.

Here’s what people are saying about the
Crystal Ball Educational Series

Jose L. Morales

Unbelievably accurate!!

Anyone serious about trading, SHOULD...GET.. THIS! The insight is unbelievable and you REALLY call what happens next. Unbelievably accurate!!


I will be watching it over and over...

Just had my first watch of Crystal Ball and wow! Thank you Pat, and the team for releasing this! I will be watching it over and over and over again. And then over and over again.


So many valuable lessons...

So many valuable lessons in Crystal Ball. Thanks to Pat, K and Wes!

Crystal Ball: Gold Edition

8 modules and 2 quizzes to test - and ensure - your progress.


Module 1: SPY APPL Live Trade

Learn how to identify trends and make quick trades based on market movement as well as the importance of reacting to price action and preserving profits.


Module 2: Into The Level

Pat teaches the importance of watching natural areas of support, and resistance and adapting to market conditions, and locking in profits.


Module 3: Protection & Natural Movement

Pat demonstrates how the application of natural movement theory helps you to predict where to pull profits throughout the course of a trade.


Module 4: Patience When Technology Fails

Learn how to adapt to market movements even when technology fails by maintaining composure and focusing on overall market conditions.


Module 5: Advanced Trade Management

Advanced lessons on the importance of risk management and making informed decisions based on market conditions.


Module 6: Hold Your Ground & Remain Calm

Through insights into the price action, resistance levels, and potential trade setups, dive deeper into trade management, correcting average prices, and taking profits.


Module 7: When Your Power Goes Out Mid Trade

When encountering technical difficulties during a trade, Pat instructs on how to remain patient, manage risk and continue to pull profits.


Module 8: Sometimes You Just Need To Walk Away

When in a high conviction trade that goes further than expected, this lesson is about staying calm, making rational decisions, and being disciplined in trading.

About The Course Teacher,
Pat "Trick" Mitchell

Pat "Trick" Mitchell is a former welder turned professional day-trader. After years of trial and error, he perfected his craft and now mentors aspiring day traders from all over the world.

What people are saying about the Pat Mitchell

Larry Craighead

"Learn to Fish"

Trick Trades is simply the best place to "Learn to Fish" rather than be given a few fish. Yes, you must put in the study time with a large library of Videos, post trade analysis, and LIVE Trading sessions with the best every morning with individuals who love to teach, trade, and assist.

Rick Guilette 

Pat IS the real deal.

In a world of snakes, Pat IS the real deal. You'll be hand held through all the rough spots, and there will be rough spots, until you fkn make it. But to make it you have to make a commitment not only to TrickTrades education and guidance but also yourself.

Taylor Haliburton

 Pat is an amazing teacher that really cares...

Pat and all the admin preach discipline is the number one key to freedom, and it is so true. Once I started implementing a more disciplined daily routine my trading started to improve and so did my over all mentality. Pat is an amazing teacher that really cares about the well being of his students, genuinely wants them to succeed and isn't afraid to set you straight when you need it.

Each Crystal Ball Course Saves You Years of Trial & Error

Do you know what changes you need to make in your approach to trading? How much will it cost you to continue to figure this out on your own. If your account is not growing the way it should, then maybe it's time to make a change in how you approach your trading education.

Think about it this way, can you afford to take more losses? Can you afford months, maybe years of trying to figure out how to get on the right side of each trade? You can't. That's the only honest answer. If you are truly committed to becoming a professional trader that pulls money from your account to pay your bills, take care of your loved ones, then don't kid yourself.

You can't get the time back. And if you're not growing as a trader, you will not grow your account enough to sustain that. This isn't is a guilt trip or anything. It's calling out the reality of what all struggling traders face- and the consequences of not making the changes necessary to survive long enough to get the experience necessary to become profitable.



  • 8 Lessons
  • 2 Quizzes
  • 2.75 Hours of Trading Instruction
  • 1 Certificate of Completion

Why Keep Struggling?

Or will you get help from somebody that's been exactly where you're at, and made it through to the other side?

What you will see inside Crystal Ball is what I see everyday. It's not a mystery to me what the market is going to do next. And it doesn't have to be a mystery to you, either.

If you are looking to take your trading to the next level, no matter what experience you have, then any of the Crystal Ball Educational Courses should be the next stop on your journey towards a long lasting, profitable trading career.

Pat "Trick" Mitchell


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