More than just day trading

This service continues to blow my mind everyday. Trick Trades is so much more then just a "day trading" service, it also helps you with outside life. I can't even begin to put into words how thankful I am to start becoming a profitable trader but more importantly a disciplined person. As a stay at home mom it becomes easy to be lazy on certain things and not push myself. Pat and all the admin preach discipline is the number one key to freedom, and it is so true. Once I started implementing a more disciplined daily routine my trading started to improve and so did my over all mentality. Pat is an amazing teacher that really cares about the well being of his students, genuinely wants them to succeed and isn't afraid to set you straight when you need it.


Genuine and Consistent

I’ve never subscribe to any channels before. But base on feedbacks I’ve always felt that those channels/rooms are just earn off subscriptions rather than helping people trade well.

Trick Trades is the only place where I can see consistency, and Pat genuinely wants his members to do well. There is no one else out there that I’ve witnessed could do what he does. He is the REAL DEAL!


Absolutely outstanding.

Been here a few months. Absolutely outstanding. Learning from a real professional is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Im about to update to Mentoring. As far as the other services Revolution Swing and Vision, have already payed for itself. The education goes hand in hand. His afternoon moderator/coach Kelvo is excellent at teaching as well. 10 out of 10. Look no further folks. Pat is the real deal. As far as pricing, for what you learn and is offered it is more than fair pricing and very generous.

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Best Trading Education on the Planet!

Hands down the Best Trading Education on the Planet! This is real education not the fluff and fake gurus on Twitter etc. Pat and the Admins bar none are Simply The Best!!! Pat actually wants his students to succeed and become self sufficient! Hardest profession there is and TrickTrades is the only way to go!!!

Ant C

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