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One-Time Fee
Lifetime Access

My Hand-Picked Plays

These are the EXACT plays I will be entering in my own long-term investment account. Full explanation of the reasoning behind the entry with full transparency on entry, exit, and time frame.

Video Driven

Each play will be explained fully and completley with a video and uploaded to the Vision private room on this website where you'll have access 24/7. You'll also get email notifications letting you know when new videos are posted.

Money-Back Guarantee

Pay one time and that's it. No recurring fees EVER. If you don't make your subscription fee back within 2 years I will refund 100% of your full subscription amount no questions asked.

What This Is NOT...

Not a regular scheduled alert service. I’m putting my own money into what I believe are the best investments I can find. This is a set-it and forget-it strategy with a long-term vision. I will not post daily updates. I WILL post updates right here on the website ONLY when there is a new play on deck, when I feel there is important, time-sensitive news, or when I feel it’s time to change direction or exit.

Not for someone that is looking for plays to enter every week. I am investing my own hard-earned money and the only way I will do that is to take the time to do incredible research into what I believe is a winning long-term play to make money. I will only play the best-of-the-best. It takes time and patience to stalk and execute. Expect only a handful of plays per year.

Not for someone looking for ongoing education. These are simply plays I will be entering with a full video explanation posted in the private room. I will not do any ongoing education on any type of long-term strategies. I will only discuss the plays I’m in. Please DO NOT send support tickets or contact me asking me about what I think of XYZ or should I still be holding XYZ. All you have to do is listen and trust the process.

Not for someone who can’t handle watching their position go red at some point. All stocks have a natural ebb and flow. They go up and down. Even the greatest performers of the last great bull run were in the red at some point before they climbed to all-time-highs.  You must be able to handle watching your position dip down into the red at some point.  These are plays I enter for the LONG-TERM. I’m talking years, and years. Of course they will dip down at some point. But the reward is the long-term vision where they will make me a lot of money.

Not for someone that wants to get rich quick.  These plays will take years and years to come to fruition. This is something where I can put my money into and not think or worry about it for a long time.

Please DO NOT enroll and expect to retire in a year.

So If You're Ready To Invest In Your Future...Let's Do This...

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