It starts off like any other Monday morning. Your up at the usual time, usual routine, coffee, check the news, look at the pre-market movers, check the $SPY, more coffee, then, you start your morning trading routine, of marking up the levels on your charts, and, hopefully, watching the hyper scan, and deciding on your


Education Research

In the constant passion we have at TT to provide THE best education on the planet we would like to ask a favor. If we really truly want to help you become a successful trader, we have to know what is your major problem or obstacle you are having when it comes to day trading

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Level Risking

     Hey everyone, This is the first of many blog posts that myself and all TrickTrades moderators will be doing. This will be where we express our thoughts and ideas to you all. Mainly this blog will be headed by Kelvin (Kelvo) but I will still chime in from time to time.    

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