Hey there. Its Kelvo here. Its my great privlidge to have the oppertunity to blog my thoughts and journey here, on the TRICKTRADES website. You will, please forgive the spelling mistakes, this isnt easy for me without auto spell.

The posts wont be all to regular, as i believe that a blog should come from the heart, not born from a need to simply post, for the sake of posting.

I’m new to this, on wordpress, so as time goes by, i’ll make the posts better with pictures ect, but please bare with me as i bed in.

Here at TrickTrades, we have an amazing community of people, from all walks of life, of all age ranges, from many different countries and continents. we truly are a multi-cultural group of like minded people, and thats what i love about it.

So, why not lets start with a quick look at my trading journey so far, so you’ll know where i come from in my views and oppinions. I first started trading in late 2009 and had absolutely no idea what i was doing. i subscribed to an E news letter called money morning, god knows why, and from that, i started getting hit up with stock promotion websites. Thing is, i diddnt know they were stock promoters and thought it was all real.  Duuuhhhh. lol. well, we all start somewhere, right.

So, i’d funded an account with a broker in New york called choicetrade. Put 25k in, which was a wierd number, as i had no idea about PDT!! My wife, bless her, assumed i’d put in like $500, so that went down well!!  No wonder she divorced me! So, i’ve got a decent size size account, and not a bloody clue. This will end well, i hear you say. Well, actually, it went real well, some how. So, i start getting these promotions, about stock trading on something called the OTC market. mmmm. Sounds good, i think. My first trade, $AMEG i closed out for around $500 profit. Easy peasy. Next trade, $ALZM , there saying they have a fantastic new organ donation transportation machine, its trading at around .75 cents. I like it, take 5000 shares, and sell 3 days later at around $1.50 a share. Thats over $3500 in 3 days. I’m a bloody millionaire in the making. Then came $JAMN Jamin jarva coffee, owned by one of bob marleys sons. I take 5000 shares at $1.40 a share, and sell a week later at around $3,50 a share, crazy huh, thats like just under 10k in a week. That one actually went on to over $12 a share before the DUMP. Then $POTG from awsome penny stocks. Again, i made over $5000. Now at this point, i start to see a pattern, that within 24 hours of me taking profits, the stocks dump, like BIG TIME. Yup, oll timmy sykes is  betting his bar mitzvah money on the backside, but i knew nothing about that, at this point. But i did, however, realise that something was up. Now, my next trade, was up over 6k, and got greedy, decided to hold for just one more day. My wife wanted me to sell, but i knew best, after all, i was king of the focking castle, now.  Making the market my biatche. Well, she was right, i was wrong. next morning, at the open, it dumped, And dumped big, and fast. I went from up 6 k to down 4 k in half an hour, unable to get out. Thanks Sykes, you bastard. That was a wake up call. I started to do some research, and discovered that i’d been trading something called Pump and Dumps…. OMFG.. how niaive. How lucky had i been. AT this point, my account was just under 50k. Not bad, considering i was completely devoid of any trading knowledge. So, i wired out 30k and decided to get some education. I found someone who had just started up litraly that week, with an email based swing trading service, sending out alerts, and doing vids on his website. so i joined up. 2 weeks later he opened up his first chat room, and that was the start of my real trading journey. It was also the end of me making 10k in a week, too. lol.

So, i spent the next 3 years learning from my new mentor, swing trading, and enjoyed the experience. I had to quit trading in late 2012, due to divorce and personal circumstances, and took 3 years away from it, and for a while, actually forgot all about trading, to a degree. I focused on my decorating business, and was happy. However, around 2 1/2 years ago, i got the bug again, and started paper trading swings. But, for some reason, i found it boring this time around, and after having had a suretrader account previously, and done some day trading, i knew that day trading was now for me. So, i spent the next 18 months kinda wondering from room to room, looking for a home, for something that just clicked. No joy. I decided last summer to try forex for a while, catchin those PIPS baby…lol. I found that boring, and the hours were long, as i traded both the European and US session. So, come August, i opened up a trade zero account, and came back to what i loved. The stock market.  I started watching Pats videos on youtube, and eventually, in October of last year, found my way to TRICKTRADES. Daddies home. I instantly took a liking to not just pat, but all the members, and felt welcome, and a part of the group, from day one. So to everyone whos still around, i thank you from the bottom of my heart for welcoming me into your community. 7  1/2 months later, i’m still here, so it must be good!!

I can hand on heart say, that finding Pat Mitchell was like destiny for me. Hes the first person to help me to really see the markets for what they are, to separate the shit from the truth, the noise from the calm. I’ve learned how to trade real stocks, and how to trade for proper gains, points, not pennies. How to enter and exit without emotion, how to master my biggest fears, how to control the emotions of both winning and loosing trades, the importance of staying humble at all times, and to remain a level person. How ever, the one thing i’d never really heard and talked about before, was THE PROCESS. So, what is THE PROCESS??  Well, i guess lots of people have their own take on this question, and all i can do is to offer my view on what this means to me, and how its helping me to understand my journey. If you try looking this stuff up on the internet, you wont find much, because no one really talks about it, or, i believe, understands that what they’re  going through is actually a process. So where to start. Well, at the beginning, i guess. You see, from the day you place your first trade, you start the process. Does that include paper trading, honestly, in my humble opinion, no, but that’s my view, only. Paper trading, you will start to develop a strategy, hopefully, and gain confidence, but i don’t believe your real journey starts untill you go live. Kinda like driving round a big carpark for a few months learning to drive, before you set out on a big ass road trip. And that’s what this process is, its a big ass road trip. full of hazards, pot holes, traffic jams, accidents, roads closed, diversions, break downs, and eventually, you arrive at your destination, and begin the real journey!!

So where does this process start. It starts with the emotions that making a trade carries. The emotion of firstly putting your capitol on the line. Can you do it. Will you click that button. In my experience, fear of making trades doesn’t come along untill much further down the road. So, you get into a trade, then it starts, your red, you took 200 shares, your 15 cents down, its a new account, and a small one, at that. You panic, sell the position, only to watch it bounce straight off support or resistance, and make a full point. Welcome to the process. Or, your in the trade, it goes well straight away, you look at your PnL and see green. You shit the bed, because you wasn’t actually expecting to make a good trade. Panic, what to do, so you take it off, without even looking at the chart. lock in .25 cents. Only to watch it go on and make a further 1 point. What a head fuck. Welcome to the process. So, i think things like that are the first introductions most people will experience when joining the process, but don’t realise whats going on. This journey will involve everything, FEAR, GREED, PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE, FOMO, OVER CONFIDENCE, NO CONFIDENCE, INFLATED EGO SYNDROME, DESPAIR AND JOY, SELF PITY, OH, AND IT WILL REQUIRE YOU TO BE THE STRONGEST PERSON YOU’VE EVER BEEN. And that’s to name a few.

I’m not going to address each thing, we’d be here all week, and each thing is a blog in its self. The point that i’m eluding to, is that all these things make up the process of going from a new trader, to eventually becoming the finished product, and they should, and need to be embraced, and looked on as good, not negative. Because without them, and without mastering each aspect, you’ll never become the rounded trader you need to be in-order to make it full time. Look at it as an education, an in depth study of ones inner self, a pre- curser if you like, of what you can expect, and a gauge of whether or not you have the stomach and the nuts to do this thing.  Now, please don’t get me wrong, this IS something that you can enjoy, and should embrace, and look forward to doing. You’ll often hear me say, and write in my posts, and tweets, that i’m enjoying the process. Because, i am. Sure, some days it hurts, some days i question myself, question my abilities, my strength of mind, but, that’s what the process is. It asks you at every level, if you want to move on to the next.

You can get off to a flying start trading, with naivety on your side. But hear this, the process WILL catch you up, and then you’ll start for real. That’s what happened to me. Happens to lots of people. Bank for 3 months, then take a big hit, and it starts. So, how can we possibly enjoy this process, well, your going to go through it, like or not, so why not accept it, and embrace it, and enjoy the ride. And, there’s no order to what will arise, at any point in your journey. I my-self went through a period around December/January where i was struck with fear of loosing, and placing trades. Like WTF. I’ve been placing trades for like 6 years, and now you get me, you bastard. Haha. The difference was, i recognised it as the process, and embraced it, and took the steps to overcome it. Which i did, and by March i was good again. Right now, my process is all about consistency, iv’e got most other things mastered, for now, at-least. But consistency in its-self breeds the above emotions, so at each level, the demons come out and attack your mind and inner soul. Sounds bloody awful, doesn’t it, but its kinda how it is. I guess that’s why so few people finish their journey, huh.

I want you all to recognise and understand what it is that your doing, and embarking upon. And to see failure and set backs not as that, but as a natural part of the process of self improvement. You know, top athletes and sports stars, they don’t get to the top without pain, and mental agony, they were’nt born with their abilities, the worked their asses off in training, and overcame every set back that was put in-front of them. they mastered their process. So next time you take that red day, red week, or red month, just look back at what you could have done better, review, make your notes, revise your game plan, and understand that its all just a part of something that Pat and myself have been through, and in my case, am still going through. Reach out to me, any time, if you need to talk about this, if your not sure how to proceed, how to overcome certain aspects of those walls, set backs, and down right shitty times that come along.

The one last thing i will say is, you have to trust this process, because it leads you to the end game, under the right guidance. But you do need guidance, from people who care, and who are real, and who have trodden that path, walked in your footsteps, experienced the highs, and lows, and have survived the journey to be given the oppertunity to help and guide others.

So, on that note, i will say good bye for now. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and i truly hope that in some small way, it helps a few people to understand whats they are going through, and to embrace it like life its-self.

Adios for now.


  • John White says:

    I found this very helpful, thanks for sharing this kelvo. I do believe that tricktrades is the best place to be ( fact )

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    Great to hear about other people’s journeys – LOVE IT Kelvo!!!

  • richardhoad30 says:

    Great post buddy 🙂

  • Tehmayor says:

    Thank you for the honest reflection Kelvo. I am just starting my process and I will refer back to this often.

  • wct640 says:

    Excellent blog Kelvin

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    Thanks for the excellent blog Kelov. You always speak from the heart!

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    ;-o) thanks for sharing pal.

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    Thanks for sharing Kelvin, glad you’re part of the TT family!

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