Hello, my name is Pat “Trick” Mitchell…founder and CEO of TrickTrades.

I have a mission….

You see, I’ve been a day trader for many, many years. As I developed from a beginner to a seasoned professional trader I was so frustrated and down-right angry by the lack of quality education that is out there “teaching” people how to day trade.

The world of day trading is so filled with so called “gurus” and “mentors” that are plain and simple sharks that are out to take your hard-earned money. They are simply regurgitating the same old knowledge and recycling the same old information that’s been out there for decades. 

And when someone totally new comes into the day trading territory, they smell blood in the water.

So many people have been taken advantage of, and have literally been brainwashed into believing that there is only a certain way to make money in the stock market.

I’m here to tell you…you’ve been lied to.

I want to share my knowledge with you. I want to show you the discipline and the education that took me from being a back breaking pipeline welder to a full time day trader.

I’m also here to tell you…you can do it…with all the depths of my soul you can accomplish your dreams and make it.

But you have to be willing to listen, stay committed, and most of all, enjoy the process…it’s hard…I’m not going to lie…but it’s the most fulfilling thing you can ever do and it will lead you to your ultimate goal in life…one I’m sure everyone strives for…


I really believe my brand of education is far better and it can be THE one thing you’ve been looking for to guide you down your day trading road of destiny. As traders the only thing that we control in the stock market is our risk. I believe my expertise in this can turn your trading around quickly. 

I thoroughly believe that the way to attain longevity in the stock market is to be a well-rounded trader. And that is something every TrickTrades member practices every day. 

TrickTrades isn’t just for new traders, it is a thriving, active and caring community where all levels of traders are welcome. Our members range from the absolute beginner all the way to seasoned professionals.

We are 100% focused on the education and growth of the trader.

Come give us a try and see why the only regret members have is not finding TrickTrades sooner. 

I look forward to meeting you soon.

And remember…

You’re just one trade away!

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