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About Boot Camp

Your Training Starts NOW. Over the next several days, you will become fully equipped with the tools and strategies necessary to launch your professional day trading career.

Module Content



Quickly get up to speed with the fundamentals at TrickTrades.


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It is essential to go slow, take notes and pay attention. Your success as a professional depends on how seriously your commit to this learning process is - starting right now.

Understanding where you are as a trader as you begin Boot Camp is critical to knowing where you started - especially down the road when things get challenging. This survey will benchmark where you are not only as a trader, but also many of the factors that may be holding your back, or pushing you forward.

The TrickTrades War Room is where we communicate during each morning's live trading session. Get connected to the War Room in any major web browser.

The Size UP App is the sizing strategy used by Trick Trades to help you grow your account over time.

Each trading day we begin with a morning routine before the market opens. This quick lesson will bring you up to speed so you feel right at home when logging in for the first time.

What is the Ideal TrickTrades Member? Trick emphasizes the importance of being prepared, open-minded, and trusting in his teaching methods. He also talks about the need for teamwork, understanding the lessons beyond just day trading, and valuing overall well-being.

General guidance on interacting in the War Room (chat) during the morning trading.

Complete the Orientation Quiz to begin the next module. A score of 90% or more is required.

The Bones


A series of high-powered videos designed for both new and experienced traders.

Introduction & Tools

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For new-to-trading traders, we'll cover brokers, hardware, charting software and other important details needed to get up and running.

We dive into the brokers used at TrickTrades.

Pat takes you into the tools you need while keeping everything very simple.

Which charting software to use, and how to get the exact same layout Pat uses everyday.

Chart Details & Candlesticks

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For both new and experienced traders, Pat reviews that only candles that matter.

A complete look at the key candlestick patterns we use at TrickTrades.

Market Maker & Algo Patterns

Equities, Options & How To Place Orders

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Range with equities

Edge with Higher Priced Stocks

Basket of Stocks

How to Place a Trade



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In this video, we cover optimal times to trade the strategy, the best setups, and when to trade them.

An in depth explanation of TrickTrades strategy.

How to Pay Yourself

Watch & Learn


All The Basic Information You Need To Get Started Trading Stocks & Options The TT Way

Basic Training

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Use this guide to put the puzzle pieces together.

This lesson will bring you up to speed with terminology commonly used in day trading.

The most important video lesson I've ever done....listen

Understand where the market is on the chart and how it influences trade decisions.

To guarantee the highest odds of success, we use the same, reliable approach to developing our trade plans every morning.

How we setup our charts maximizes efficiency and avoids missing crucial information.

Trick discusses the importance and ranking of different levels in trading. He explains the significance of intraday levels, daily chart levels, gaps, range highs and lows, and moving averages. He provides examples and emphasize the role of volume in determining the strength of levels. Trick also discusses the relevance of trend lines in trading. Overall, the video aims to provide insights into the ranking and significance of various levels in trading strategies.

Learn about the core TrickTrades strategy that Trick uses every day to pull profits from the market.

Learn about different charts and levels to determine entry and exit points for both long and short trades.

This lessons covers the strategies necessary when the market opens right at a major level.

Learn about how properly anticipate and enter trend formation at the proper time.

When a trade doesn't go as expected, learn how to properly manage a trade and look for a way out.

Bonus Module


Learn from classic TrickTrades lessons that have stood the test of time.

TrickTrades Classic Lessons

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Pat teaches why the daily chart is your "Bible."

At the Market Open Lesson

How to trade dojis and small bodied candles (extremely important)

Hold Your Ground! Sticking to stops lesson

Market maker games and why they do what they do.

Big Boy Stop Losses and how to ride the wave

Voodoo Line strategy (magic blue)

Very Important Lesson on HOD LOD short or long bias

Possibly the best long setup there is part 1

Possibly the best long setup Part 2

Yesterday's HOD support bounce (earnings) Lesson

About the Teacher

Pat Mitchell

Pat "Trick" Mitchell is a former welder turned professional day-trader. After years of trial and error, he perfected his craft and now mentors aspiring day traders from all over the world.

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